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College of Arts and Sciences Technical Services

Electronics Shop

The Electronics Shop is committed to supporting the research community with experience in a wide range of electronics and instrumentation. We can often repair older apparatus saving research groups from having to purchase new equipment. We also offer consultation services, engineering, testing, calibration, installation and setup of laboratory instruments and devices.  Our services can save you time and money over factory support or manufacturer’s maintenance contracts.

Repair of Scientific and Instructional Apparatus

We offer quick turnaround on troubleshooting, testing, repairs and maintenance of most electronic and electro-mechanical laboratory equipment and instrumentation, including apparatus that is no longer supported by the manufacturer.

Measurement and Control Systems Electronics

Our custom designs provide cost savings over commercially available equipment. These one-of-a-kind circuits and instrumentation provide a competitive edge in original research.

Consulting for the Research Community

We provide guidance in experimental equipment design from fundamentals. This focused approach eliminates trial and error in developing precise instrumentation solutions for your measurement and control process.


Examples of our Services:

  • Component-level repairs
  • Equipment factory interface
  • Laser peak lock circuitry
  • Magnetic field controller circuitry
  • Temperature verses time characterization and control of Rubidium ribbon resistance heater
  • Consulting, instruction and circuitry for nanosecond pulse applications (RF transmission optimization)
  • Ion current circuitry
  • Temperature measurement and control
  • Maintenance and repair of vacuum pumps, centrifuges, incubators, autoclaves, etc.


Electronics Design, Construction and Repairs for Research
David Leestma
(509) 335-9534