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College of Arts and Sciences Technical Services

Electronics Shop

The Electronics and Computer Support Shop designs, fabricates, repairs, and upgrades a wide variety of instruments. This includes digital and analog electronic and electromechanical equipment and a great range of devices listed below. We also offer testing, calibrating, installation and setup of equipment. In addition, free consultation services are available. We can save you time and money by providing factory support services and other services ordinarily available through expensive maintenance contracts.

Equipment Serviced

Computers and PeripheralsPCs and clones, Apples, and Macs
Mini, Dec, and DG machines
Dot matrix and laser printers
Monitors and terminals
Cables, keyboards, and disk drives
Data acquisition equipment

Lab Equipment
Electrophoresis power supplies
Gas analyzers
HPLC, Liquid scintillation counters
Lasers, NMR, Mass spectrometers
Fraction collectors
Radiation detectors
Survey meters
Gamma counter
General purpose power supplies

In addition, we maintain a supply of parts, data books, and specs, and can order components as necessary. The above is a partial list. If you have any questions about equipment or services, please call us.


Electronics Design and Construction for Research
David Leestma
(509) 335-9534

Electronics and Scientific Equipment Repairs
Chris Bailey
(509) 335-1106