Hourly Rates

Rates are valid July 1, 2015 to present

College of Arts and Sciences27.00
WSU Campus29.16
Off Campus88.00

An 8% administrative fee on the total cost will be applied to groups outside the WSU College of Arts and Sciences, (except for federal grant funds). Sales tax must be collected from off campus, (in-state) and student, out-of -pocket customers.

3-D printing rates are $4.73/cubic inch, plus $3.00/hr. print time, ($1.00/hr for student out-of-pocket) and a $2.50 consumables charge.

Requesting Pricing

To request an estimate or a firm quote contact the shop supervisor:

(509) 335-1196

We strive to give you the best value we can and stay within your stated budget. We only charge exactly what it takes to complete a project while making sure we cover our costs and the self-sustaining percentage of our labor as established by the College of Arts and Sciences. By accepting an estimate (If provided), you acknowledge that the final cost may be up to 25% more than the base, estimated value due to unforeseen challenges. We specialize in original, one-off products, consequently  there is no exact way of estimating the total labor involved; economy of scale only applies to multiples of the same part. Once a project has been started, any changes added by the customer will  affect the total accordingly. Be prepared to provide all details needed and finalized information for the project including material requirements, dimensions, surface finish etc. We will provide either an estimate or a quote based on the information submitted and our best guess at the labor hours. Any changes requested mid-project will need to be documented, and approved, and will result in additional cost.


A rough approximation of the cost of a product and services based on available information at the time. Final price billed is no more than the minimum cost needed to complete the job but doesn’t account for changes and unforeseen difficulties therefore the cost may exceed the amount estimated by up to 25%.


A formal, fixed price estimate that will be a firm cost based off finalized documentation provided by the customer. Quoted prices will be  higher than an estimate to compensate for unforeseen challenges and contingencies. Any changes mid-project, requested by the customer will require a written change request and will result in additional charges.

Off-Campus Customer

Projects will be quoted and may require a purchase order or 50% prepayment with the balance due upon delivery of the finished parts.

Rush Fee

20% up-charge on labor and materials